Fish Identification - Hapuku (Groper)

Hapuku (Groper).

“Hapuku/bass” means a fish of the species Polyprion oxygeneios or Polyprion moene:

Net mesh size
National 100 mm (all other)
Auckland and Kermadec FMA 160 mm
Central FMA 160 mm
Challenger FMA 160 mm
South-East FMA 160 mm
Southland and S-Antarctic FMA 160 mm

Size Limits (Length)
National Nil

Daily Bag Limits (associated with Kingfish)
Auckland and Kermadec FMA 5
Central FMA 5
Challenger FMA 5
South-East FMA 5
Southland and Sub-Antarctic FMA 5
Fiordland Marine Area 5 (within finfish bag limit of 30/ No accumulation)
Fiordland Marine Area Internal Waters 3

Updated : 27 May 2009