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Statement of Intent 2009-2014

The Statement of Intent sets out the Ministry of Fisheries' strategic direction and its priorities for the next three years.

The SOI is a public document that is presented to the House of Representatives on Budget day. It provides a high-level description and explanation of the Ministry’s key operating intentions and performance expectations over 2009-2014.

It also provides a base against which MFish will report in its annual report for the year ended 30 June.

Adobe PDF.  Download Statement of Intent 2009-2014 (PDF 222KB)


Ministers foreword
Nature and scope of functions
Strategic direction

Contribution to Government priorities
Strategic goal and outcomes
Fisheries 2030

Operating intentions

People are able to realise the best value from the sustainable and efficient use of fisheries
The health of the aquatic environment is protected
Credible fisheries management

Managing in a changeable environment

Strategic risk management
Environmental scan

Organisational health and capability

Improving stakeholder engagement
Organisation design
Providing value for money
Competency and capability improvement
Capital Intentions

New Zealand fisheries at a glance

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Updated : 20 May 2010