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statement of intent 2007-2012

The Statement of Intent sets out the Ministry of Fisheries' strategic direction, its priorities for the next three years and the output plan for 2007-2012.

The SOI is a public document that is presented to the House of Representatives on Budget day. It provides a high-level description and explanation of the Ministry’s key operating intentions and performance expectations over 2007-2012.

It also provides a base against which MFish will report in its annual report for the year ended 30 June 2008.

Our SOI is one important way we communicate with our stakeholders and the wider public about:

  • the nature and scope of our work and functions
  • what we are trying to achieve and why – and how we will go about doing this
  • the main measures and standards (financial and non-financial) that we intend to use to assess our progress.

Copies of a number of stakeholder documents about the 2007-2012 Statement Of Intent, as well as the full SOI, are now available for download in PDF format. HTML versions will soon be available as well.

PDF icon Download the full Statement of Intent 2007-2012 (PDF 1.8MB)

Stakeholder documents available for download:

PDF icon Deepwater Group submission (PDF 38KB)

PDF icon Environs submission (PDF 133KB)

PDF icon 
Maketu Taiapure Committee of Management submission (PDF 12KB)

PDF icon Ngai Tahu submission (PDF 58KB)

PDF icon SeaFIC submission (PDF 141KB)

PDF icon Te Runanga o Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust submission (PDF 91KB)

PDF icon To Ohu Kai Moana submission (PDF 54KB)

PDF icon Waikaretu Marae submission (PDF 11KB)

MFish documents available for download:

PDF icon MFish response to stakeholder RCC submissions 2006 (PDF 630KB)

PDF icon MFish response to stakeholder comments on fisheries services for 2007/2008 (PDF 343KB)

PDF icon Advice paper on final services for 2007-2008 (PDF 84KB)

PDF icon 2007-2008 Fisheries Research Services (PDF 1MB)

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