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statement of intent 2006-2011

The Statement of Intent sets out the Ministry of Fisheries' strategic direction, its priorities for the next three years and the output plan for 2006/11.

adobe pdf. Download full Statement of Intent 2006 - 2011 (1.2MB)

Copies of the following Stakeholder documents about the 2006-2011 Statement Of Intent are now available for download:

adobe pdf.  Te Ohu Submission February 2006 (157KB)


adobe pdf.  SeaFIC submission (396KB)

adobe pdf.  Rongomaiwahine Iwi Trust (74KB)

adobe pdf.  NZBGFC submission (31KB)

adobe pdf.  Greater Wellington Regional Council 27 February 2006 (13KB)

adobe pdf.  Fisheries research services for 2006/07 (1001KB)

adobe pdf.  Advice paper on final services for 06/07 (84KB)

adobe pdf.  Ministry responses on fisheries services issues (338KB)

adobe pdf.  Ministry responses on research issues (238KB)

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