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New Zealand Fisheries at a Glance

NZ Marine Fisheries Waters (EEZ and Territorial Sea) 4.4 million km²
NZ Coastline 15,000km
Marine species identified1 16,000
Species commercially fished2 130
Area closed to bottom trawling (fisheries restrictions)
Territorial Sea 17%
Exclusive Economic Zone 31%
Primary productivity Moderate with some high
Ecosystems Diverse
Climate Sub-tropical to sub-Antarctic

Quota Management System (QMS) stocks
Species/species complexes in QMS 97
Individual stocks in QMS 633
Proportion of catch (by weight) from assessed stocks3 72%
Assessed stocks at or near target level 67.5%
Allowable commercial take (TACC)4 599,126 tonnes
Actual commercial catch 409,449 tonnes

Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture
Total seafood export value, 2009 (FOB)5 $1.42 billion
Aquaculture exports6 $279 million
Total seafood exports, 2009 287,508 tonnes
Total quota value7 $4.017 billion
Quota holders 1,556
Commercial fishing vessels 1,278
Processors and Licensed Fish Receivers 220
Direct employment (full-time equivalents) 5,680

Customary Fisheries
Tangata Tiaki appointed (South Island) 142
Tangata Kaitiaki appointed (North Island) 307
Temporary closures (s186) 6
Taiāpure-local fisheries 8
Mātaitai reserves 10
Customary take provided for within the TAC 4,813 tonnes

Recreational Fisheries
Estimated participation (as a % of the total NZ population )8 19.5 %
Estimated annual take 25,000 tonnes

Ministry of Fisheries
Budget 2010/2011 (excl. GST) $103.7 million
Net assets $13.3 million
Staff (March 2010) (FTEs) 431.3
Honorary Fisheries Officers (March 2010) 208
Observers (March 2010) 51

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4. Latest complete fishing year, excludes OYU5, which are recorded as individuals.
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Updated : 20 May 2010