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Report Illegal Fishing Activity

Enforcing our fisheries laws is an enormous job and information from the public is very important. New Zealand has a vast coastline, so fishing can take place in remote areas. People breaking the law may not always be caught. Your help could change that.

If you see something unusual or suspicious, even if you aren’t sure the activity is illegal, help us by filling in the form below. Fishery Officers will use the details you provide to look into it.

Although a Fishery Officer won’t always be immediately available to attend the incident you report, the information you give us could be very useful for current and future investigations.

To report suspicious or illegal activities, complete this online form or call 0800 4 POACHER (0800 4 76224.)

The 0800 4 POACHER line, and the email address this form is sent to will be monitored:

Summer hours (late December until late March):    7am - 10pm

Rest of the year:                                                       7am - 7pm

An answerphone is available at all other times. 

Updated : 4 August 2014