The National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks details measures to manage and conserve sharks that are either targeted or taken as incidental bycatch in New Zealand fisheries waters. The Minister approved the NPOA-Sharks on 13 October 2008.

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During the development of the NPOA-Sharks, the Ministry of Fisheries unfortunately misplaced a submission from the East Coast Hawke’s Bay Conservation Board. MFish would like to apologise to all who contributed to developing that submission.

Having now reviewed the submission MFish considers that many of the issues raised were also addressed by other submitters. These issues are discussed in the summary of submissions and MFish would like to assure the East Coast Hawke’s Bay Conservation Board that they were considered in the completion of the NPOA-Sharks.

MFish undertakes a number of consultations, and deals with numerous submissions, every year. While MFish is not aware of submissions having been misplaced in the past, the loss of the Conservation Board’s submission is taken very seriously. Additional measures have now been put in place to ensure that this situation does not occur in the future.

The submission from the East Coast Hawke’s Bay Conservation Board may be found in full by following the link below.

PDF icon.  Download East Coast Hawke’s Bay Conservation Board Submission (PDF 160KB)

Updated : 17 March 2009